Tips for updating teams

Some TIPS to help you Update leagues in SWOS with SWOES Editor :

  • Try to find most recent rosters of teams, with recent tranfers etc.
  • Always look for players appearence in current league so you can make most real line-ups.
  • SWOS was the first arcade/manager soccer simulator but had more arcade stuffs. So skills arent computing as simulator but as arcade.
    Use "Generate Skills" function from my editor to compute as close to original SWOS skills.
  • You can see players market value from the most European leagues at
    The values are in but you can convert it to £ by multiple with 0.692
    Also, as the greater value in SWOS is 15M and value from is 50M you must convert it to SWOS values by divide with 2.2
    Use a formula like this : (MarketValue(€) * 0.692)/2.2