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My Other Sites

WinUAE Gr (WinUAE Greek Mirror)
Andrew Design (Site with drawings and designs)

Sensible Swos Links

Stay Sensible (Site about all versions of SWOS and Sensible Software Games, News and Downloads)
SENSIBLE_SWOS Site (PC SWOS 2006-07 Update, Downloads, Hex Editing)
Czech Community Of SWOS (PC SWOS 2006-07 Update, Downloads, Forum)
Sensi Superstar (PC & Amiga SWOS, Old Updates, Downloads)
Sensible Soccer '98 (Site about Sensible 98, Updates, Downloads)
Sensible Belgium (Site with SWOS info, downloads and SWOS online)

Links for RESEARCH (A lot of informations for all European Cups and Divisions) (Usefull site to see players apps at English and Scotland Divisions) (Site with rosters and players market value for the most European Leagues) (Players apps and rosters at Greek National Division) (Cyprus players apps and Rosters) (Players apps in Spanish and Italy Divisions) (Stats about USA Major League Soccer - MLS) (Informations about Soccer in Zimbabwe) (Algerian Soccer Stats)
EUFO (European Leagues Rosters) (Romanian Soccer - History & statistics) (Japanesse Soccer League)

to be continued....