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SWOEditorS ver 1.3.0 (94 KB)

SWOEditorS ver 1.2.2 (72 KB)

SWOEditorS ver 1.2.1 (72 KB)

SWOEditorS ver 1.2.0 (92 KB)

SWOEditorS ver 1.0.1 (106 KB)

SWOEditorS ver 1.0 BETA (125 KB)

:: Tools ::

DIY Editor for Champions League 2006-07 (18.4 KB)

(Allows to choose a team from new Champions League 2006-07, and save the DIY competition so you can play it via Load Competition option in Sensible World Of Soccer. It support the new roster of most Champions League teams. See the readme file inside)

SWOS Tactics Viewer You can see your saved tactics(73KB)

(Allows open custom tactics files(*.TAC) and view them, instead of load them in swos. You can navigate through differents positions, using the mouse)

SWOEditorS User Guide PDF Format (981 KB)

(View instructions about how to use Sensible World Of Editor Soccer)

SWOS League Name Updater Update the names of leagues, nations etc. It is part of SWOES NOW!

General Team Number List for All general ID number of SWOS teams (26 KB)